How To Find Local Business Citations


Have you ever wondered how Google selects which businesses to show in the map results?

Google’s goal is to always provide a high quality search experience.

Have you ever driven to a business and found that they were closed or no longer located there? This is an incredibly bad search experience the Google wants to avoid.

In order to prevent this from happening, Google will only display businesses that they are confident are currently in business.

How does Google tell from web signals a business is active?

There are many different factors Google uses to determine if a business listing is good. One of the most important factors is called a local business citation.

What is a local business citation?

Simply put a local business citation are details about your business, such as the business name address and phone number, appear on other 3rd party websites. Google assumes businesses with more citations are likely better results to show searchers. Creating local business citations is one of the most important way to get your local business listed on the map more frequently than your competitors

Where do you start?

A particularly effective way of determining where your business needs to be listed is to simply examine your top competitors. Start by searching your target phrase on google and find the businesses that have top rankings on the map. Use these business details to search Google and you will know exactly which websites list your top competitors. This provides a blueprint of where your business should be listed and will help improve the frequency your local business appears in the search results.

Start building targeted citations today!

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