How To Create “Quality” Content

The first recommendation to get a better ranking on search engines is almost always create by high quality content.  Google’s own search engine optimization guide states, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here”.

Content is clearly important but the challenge is creating quality content.

What is quality content?

Technical items such as heading tags, word count, keyword density, and alt tags are often suggested as important factors when evaluating content but there isn’t a magic formula to make content “quality”.

Quality content is best demystified by writing content that is useful or enjoyable.

Ideas for creating quality content

Here are a few suggestions to start creating useful enjoyable content on your website.

Create a frequently asked questions page

One of the best ways to start creating quality content for your website is to start compiling customer questions. Keep track of the questions and create a page to answer the common questions you receive. If one customer has a question chances are other people have a similar question.

Write “how to” articles

Leverage your expertise and start creating guides for the do-it-yourself audience.

Promote your work

Just finished a great job? Share it by writing a post about the experience. These articles create great content and also help increase your business credibility.

Take pictures and video

Create a great multimedia experience by taking pictures and video. Use your phone to record examples of your work, client testimonials, pictures of your business and everything else.

These are just a few ways to start creating great content to build your site exposure. Need more help? Set up a time for a free marketing consultation and let us set up an online marketing strategy for your business. Click here to set up a time to talk.